At Lacombe Pet Clinic, we take pride in our team of veterinarians and staff, and recruit professional, energetic and enthusiastic associate veterinarians to join our clinic.

Dr. S. Nain

Dr. Nain is one of the highly qualified Veterinarian, finished his PhD from University of Saskatchewan in 2008. Subsequently he worked for two years at Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon and one year at University College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary. Dr Nain has extensive experience in avian (Birds) health, toxicology and emergency medicine. Dr Nain did his undergraduate degree in Veterinary Medicine from India in 2002 followed by Masters in Veterinary Medicine in 2004. 

Dr. Nain has special interest in toxicology, avian health and exotics.

Dr. Nain also work at Taylor Veterinary Clinic in Red Deer ( 

Aleigha Bell

Aligha is new addition to our clinic and is a registered Animal Health Technologist. Profile coming soon

Sheena Flett

Sheena is the newest Veterinary assistant and she has found a real passion for working with and helping animals. She grew up on an acreage where her family had 3 dogs, 5 outdoor cats and 1 horse. She now has a corn snake named Slippers and a hermans tortoise named Hermy. Since starting at Lacombe Pet Clinic she plans to be a Technician in near future.

Dr. S. Arya

Dr. Arya finished her MSc in Animal Nutrition from University of Saskatchewan in 2010. Dr. Arya volunteered at various veterinary facilities across western Canada in Lethbridge and Calgary before moving to Red Deer. She finished her degree in Veterinary Medicine from India in 2006.

Dr. Arya has special interest in preventive medicine, surgery and pet nutrition.

Keysha Burt

Keysha is currently working as Veterinary Assistant. She has 3 kitties name Mikasa, Luna and Kaneki. She also has a dog named Grizzly. She has taken Canadian Kennel Club courses: dogs 101 and 201, Animal CPR and First aid as well as she is apart of the Alberta force free alliance group. She has a high interest in animal behavior as well as training. She is always eager to learn and learn new things in Veterinarian Medicine.

Jennifer Pulvermacher

Jennifer is currently working as a Veterinarian Assistant. Profile coming soon

Jolene Janes

Jolene is currently working as a Veterinarian Assistant. Jolene completed the VMR course at Olds College in 2014. Following her schooling she worked for Taylor Veterinary Clinic in Red Deer before having her second child in 2016. She has one handsome purebred Laperm cat named Link. Jolene enjoys the outdoors, travelling and spending time with her 2 little boys.